Why Invest in the Waterloo Region

CyberNorth Ventures main investment focus will be in the Waterloo region of Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

The Waterloo region has a stable and growing economy with a skilled and reliable workforce, environment of innovation and collaboration, proximity to market, competitive business costs, high quality of living and affordable cost of living.

The region is currently dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the North” or the “Quantum Valley” and will be the next region for investing in cutting edge, technology startups attracting international attention and venture capital within the past 5 years.

Waterloo’s technology sector boasts a tech cluster of 1,000 companies that generates more than $30B in annual revenue. Some key highlighted points on the region are:

  • 550 tech startups
  • 2nd best economy in Canada
  • $500M+ in acquisitions in the past 12 months
  • 631 patents granted per million
  • 2nd in the world for patents per capita
  • Top educated community in Canada based on percentage of population
  • 30,000 working ICT professionals
  • 150 leading research institutions
  • 70% of the worlds GDP runs on software created in Waterloo
  • Lowest corporate tax rate than G8 and G20 averages
  • 8% GDP increase to $20.2B
  • $300M in invested capital

To learn more, contact us to recieve our white paper on “Why Waterloo? Analyzing the Micro-cap market in the Waterloo region”.