Our vision to help the aspiring entrepreneur to fulfil on their dream to change the world with innovation and disruption.

To provide the entrepreneur with the capital, access to the best talent globally, mentorship and guidance

  • Support – Providing smart money, mentorship and resources
  • Trust – Engaging together in the hardships and success of the entrepreneur
  • Collaboration – Working as a team to make long term connections and relationships
  • Passion – Driving success for our investors, our companies and the Waterloo region
  • Opportunity – Motivating our companies to obtain their full value and potential
  • Innovation – Making investments to advance leading technologies
  • Experience – Providing expertise in capital markets, commercialization and growth

Our Objective

CyberNorth’s investment objective is to source seed stage companies with accelerated growth potential and innovative ideas within the Waterloo region.

We will provide equity financing along with external resources, management oversight to ensure and exponential return for our investors.

Our Strategy

We are looking to balance and diversify our portfolio across risk horizons and unique technology segments. We will provide funding for Waterloo based technology companies in the early formation to seed stage who are striving for a $1B market at a 10x plus return on investment.

Start-up teams must present a compelling opportunity in the market, demonstrate potential to achieve long-term capital appreciation and have developed an elite team with a unique skill set to provide significant value to CyberNorth Ventures.

We are looking to have an active leadership role in strategy development and execution through management oversight, support, guidance and providing key resources to mitigate risks and maximize shareholder and investor value.

Industries of Interest

  • Social Networks
  • Mobile Computing
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Media
  • Financial Technology
  • Service Applications
  • Security Applications
  • Clean and Environmental Technology
  • Nano-Technology
  • Healthcare Applications

What we look for in Companies

Positioned within the Waterloo-Toronto corridor
Aggressive Growth with High Return Potential
In the Formation to Seed Stage
Innovative Technologies that make a Substantial Improvement to an Industry
Vision to Obtain Global Reach
Sustainable, High Profit Margin Business Model
Clearly Defined Path to Achieve Growth and Realize Value
High Performing, Highly Manageable Talent of Exceptional Innovators
Expand to New Technologies and Intellectual Property to Capitalize on Market Trends
Ability to Manage Risk and Turn Around Under Performing Business
Customer Understanding, Integration and Traction
Rapid Scaling Opportunities, High Performance and Low Startup Costs